Our three venues are designed to house an array of events and variety of entertainment offering the ideal destination for what you have planned. Looking to host a neighborhood block party with a Grammy award winning artist? We got you. Maybe you need to host a town hall meeting, a touring symphony, fashion show, concert, fundraising event, photo shoot, filming location, product launch, tradeshow or wedding? Reach out with your next big idea and we’ll see how we can help make it happen.


Cheyenne Civic Center

Built in 1981, the Cheyenne Civic Center is a concert and performing arts hall with a massive stage, stellar acoustics, a capacity of 1,490, and not a bad seat in the house.

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Ice & Events Center

Ready for some fun? If large arena sports, standing room concerts, and mixed martial artists are your jam, check out Ice & Events!


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Cheyenne Depot Plaza

Located at the heart of our community, the Depot Plaza is home to concerts, cultural events, festivals, markets, parades, marathons, and everything in between.


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