Who needs the desert when you have the WILD WEST? That’s right, we’re turning things up, Cheyenne, by dropping the BIGGEST lineup in Friday's history!

  • Over 32 Artists from around the globe
  • Multiple gold and multi-platinum records
  • Independent artists who have dominated social platforms
  • Combined over 42 chart-topping hit singles among artists
  • Grammy nominations and award winner
  • Iconic collaborations with artists such as Katy Perry, Kesha, Miley Cyrus, and more.
  • Artists who have performed with legends in rock music, including Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Jeff Beck, and Aerosmith. 

The lineup also features artists back by popular demand, local favorites, and the exploration of new genres. Get ready to experience FRIDAYS like you’ve never heard before. 


Event Starts At 5:30 PM | First Band Hits The Stage At 6:00 PM


Housed under Cheyenne Presents, Fridays on the Plaza is Wyoming’s premiere outdoor summer music festival. This year, the Presents team is asking: Who needs the desert when you have the WILD WEST? 

In recent years, the major music festivals we came to love across the country have seemingly lost their way, with exorbitant expenses and commercialization overshadowing the authenticity of the live music experience. The West is known for going against the grain of the status quo, and Cheyenne Presents is embracing those rebellious roots by bringing the heart of the festival back. The music. 

Cheyenne Presents is dedicated to offering the highest quality experiences in music and entertainment. Artists were carefully vetted and selected this year based on quality and artistic merit while still allowing the team to maintain crowd control and create a safe environment for attendees within the capacity limits of the Plaza. The lineup includes national touring headliners from as far as the Virgin Islands, ticket-free for everyone to enjoy. 

This year is bigger and better than ever, and they can’t wait to see you on the Plaza to experience live music the way it was intended - live, loud, and on our own terms, here in the WILD WEST.



  • Arrive early. Beat the crowd, find parking and get through those beer and food truck lines before they get too crazy.
  • Your best option for parking is the Jack Spiker Parking Garage on W. 17th Street.
  • ID checks and beer tickets will be sold in front of the Depot Museum building NOT at the beer dispensing area as they have been historically. 
  • NO weapons of any kind.
  • NO PETS. Please leave your pets at home. It is LOUD and HOT on the Plaza with large crowds next to a busy highway. They can easily be stepped on, become rapidly dehydrated, or run out in front of traffic. These are unsafe conditions for your pets. 
  • Please take all vaping devices and cigarettes to the sidewalks surrounding the Plaza.
  • Artist & Fridays merch will be sold under the white beer tent behind the sound booth. We will be selling a limited number of festival t-shirts and merchandise for a select few dates only. 
  • Bring water and sunscreen. Lines can be long and there is very limited shade on the Plaza. We have a water fountain to refill your water bottles but please plan accordingly.
  • Be courteous of others.
  • Stay home if you're not feeling well